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MPCNC Primo Parts

Printed Parts Sizes

There are 3 different sets of printed parts C-23.5mm, F-25mm, or J-25.4mm (1 inch). The measurement is for the Outside Diameter of the conduit/rails/tubing. Please measure your rails before printing! 23.5mm fits ¾″ EMT conduit in the US. Anywhere else you must physically measure first. Some things are sold as Inside Dimension (ID) (conduit), or Outside Dimension (OD) (tubing).

Hardware store steel EMT conduit works well and is inexpensive; an upgrade would be .065” (max is 0.120”) wall thickness stainless steel tubing or DOM. Stainless steel tubing is more rigid and smooth, but also much more expensive, Dom is less expensive than Stainless but requires some coating to prevent rust.


Recommended Print Settings: PLA for dimensional accuracy (PETG is also acceptable, if your dimensions are verified good and you are willing to sacrifice some rigidity). Two or more perimeters for through hole strength. There are some steep walls so no more than 75% layer height to nozzle diameter. No support should be needed for any part I have designed.


If your 3D printer is of questionable quality it is best to run a quick basic frame test to make sure the parts will print as intended. If the test indicates that your frame is not square, then carefully check the frame and adjust, and retest. If you have to square the frame, then you might also consider printing the Advanced frame test. Investing time on this up front is much better than printing parts for four days and then finding that your calibration or frame is off.

Files can be found at
GitHub PrusaPrinters Thingiverse

Primo Printed Parts List

QTY Part Name Infill Color
2 Corner Bottom 45%+ B
2 Corner Bottom Mirrored 45%+ B
2 Corner Top 45%+ A
2 Corner Top Mirrored 45%+ A
2 Lower Belt 45%+ A
2 Lower Belt Mirrored 45%+ A
2 Upper Belt 45%+ B
2 Upper Belt Mirrored 45%+ B
4 Corner Leg Lock 45%+ B
4 Feet 45%+ A
2 Wire Darryl 45%+ A
4 Stop Block (Dual only) 45%+ A
2 Truck 45%+ A
2 Truck Mirrored 45%+ A
4 Truck Clamp 45%+ B
1 Z Motor 45%+ A
1 Z Coupler 45%+ A
2 Nut Trap 45%+ A
1 Upper Tool Plate 45%+ A
1 Lower Tool Plate 45%+ A
Center Assembly
2 Core Z Clamp 1 45%+ A
2 Core Z Clamp 2 45%+ A
3 Core Clamp 45%+ A
1 Core ClampY 45%+ A
1 Core 70% B

A tool mount is also needed for your specific tool. A list of mounts I have designed are below. You can also find user designed mounts on PrusaPrinters and Thingiverse by searching “MPCNC Primo” and your tool name.

Color is the default color scheme I use to print the kits. Color A is one color of filament, and B is the second color of filament.


The core can be printed with variable infill to save time and plastic. 70%/30%/70% split at 24mm and 116mm.

Total weight in PLA is approximately 2.2kg.

Print times have varied from 65hrs (0.5mm nozzle @38mm/s), to 120hrs (0.4mm @60+mm/s), and 160hrs (0.4mm nozzle @35mm/s).


The kits in the V1 Shop contain all of the following hardware. Currently it is not available separately.

Hardware Type Alternative QTY
5/16x1.5” Bolt M8x40mm 44
5/16 locknut M8 locknut 44
M5x30mm Screw 60
M5 locknut 60
M3x10mm Screw 22
M2.5x12mm Screw #3x½“ 8

This version uses both sizes of hardware equally well. No issues with metric bolts whatsoever.


Bolts need to be hex head, screws pan head. If you choose to use cap head you will need washers and perhaps a little extra length.


The kits in the V1 Shop contain all of the following components. Some of these are affiliate links, you can buy from these links or just use them for information.


I try to keep the Amazon links up to date, but they can sometimes change products without changing the item number. So be careful when looking at these links to compare against the offerings in the shop. If you’re not sure, drop a question in the forums.

Part QTY V1 Link Other Link
Nema 17 50OZ/in+ 5 Shop Amazon
* Belt GT2 10mm 4 Shop Amazon
Pulley 16t gt2 10mm (5mm bore) 4 Shop Amazon
Idler 20t gt2 10mm (5mm bore) 8 Shop Amazon
Power Supply 1 Shop Amazon
Wiring kit 1 Shop Custom Made for V1
Bearings 45 Shop Amazon
leadscrew/nut 1 Shop Amazon
5mm to 8mm Coupler 1 Shop Amazon
Lube 1 Shop Amazon
Control Board 1 Shop Ultimachine
Endstops 4 Shop

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Do not use Steel reinforced belts, they will fail 100% of the time. Fiber reinforced only.

Spindle Options

Currently I have made mounts for the preferred Makita RT701c (it mounts a bit closer, a bit more power, and has a built in speed control), or the less expensive Dewalt 660.

Other options would be the 55mm spindle (57mm caps), the least attractive option is the 52mm spindle.

Internationally there are many options with lots of user submitted mounts, take a look at the file links below or ask for a local suggestion in the forums.

Mount Files can be found at
GitHub PrusaPrinters Thingiverse

More to come.

Tool Mounts

You are able to use tool mounts originally designed for the Burly MPCNC, you just need to use the Burly tool mount and nut traps.

  • Blank tool mount, HERE, to design your own.


The blank tool mount needs details.

Update from Burly to Primo

Kits are available in the V1 Shop.

Part QTY
10mm GT2 Pulleys 4
10mm GT2 20T Idlers 8
5/16”x1.5” Bolts (M8x40mm) 46
5/16” Nylock (M8) 1
M5x30mm Phillips Pan Head Screws 64
M5 Nylocks 64
M2.5x12mm Phillips Pan Head Screws 10
*10mm GT2 belt. ?M

*While you can use your 6mm belt, I suggest you upgrade to 10mm belt. Use the calculator for the amount you need.