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A Quick and Dirty Table

You can really use any table you have, the sturdier the better of course. If you don’t have a spare table your willing to get really dirty, here is one I put together for a few dollars’ worth of 2×4’s.

!Table Structure

Basic 2×4 table, screwed together.

!Table Structure

I screw the table top on to keep it square, then cut the center out as a spoil board. That way it is easy to replace without the need to disassemble the machine.

GeoDave at it again! – parametric table

GeoDave’s table on Thingiverse


Or try out my “Mostly Printed” Table, MPTable

Wanna share your table?

If you have a cool table and a few pictures, please click the pencil at the top of the page and add your version. If you need some help start a page in the forums and we can help add it for you!