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Low Rider CNC 2 Parts


Some links are affiliate links to illustrate the type of part that are not carried in the V1 Engineering store.

QTY Part Store Link External Link
5 nema 17 Shop Amazon
44 608-2rs Shop Amazon
2 lead screw and nut Shop Amazon
1 Lube for lead screw Shop Amazon
2 coupler Shop Amazon
3 GT2 10mm_16tooth Shop Amazon
6 20t 10mm Idler Shop Amazon
7.5M (4’x8’) Belt 10mm GT2 Shop Amazon
4 60mm wheel* Shop Amazon
4 Wheel Spacer Shop Amazon
2 1” X ss tube Y, or DOM Amazon SS DOM
4 1” Z ss tube Z, or DOM Amazon SS DOM
1 Al Angle (optional for wires/hose) Amazon
1 Dewalt DWP611 Amazon
1 Mini-Rambo Shop Amazon
1 lcd Shop Amazon
25 zip tie Shop Amazon
1 wiring harness (series) Shop
1 power supply 12v 6A Shop Amazon

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

*± 3mm is fine any larger and you will need to compensate by raising your work surface. These 59-60mm wheels are commonly called hockey wheels.

Printed Parts

I prefer PLA but PETG can be used, 3 walls, 30-55% infill. Dimensions are a little less critical than the MPCNC. Total print time ≈ 64.5hrs. 1.2Kg of filament.

I recommend minimum .065″ wall thickness stainless steel tubing, If you are willing to keep rust away 1″ DOM is much less expensive and a tiny bit more rigid. Conduit will not work, “tubing” only stainless is preferred.

The parts can be found on, HERE 25.4mm OD Rail, HERE 25mm OD Rail.

QTY Part Name
2 Belt_Stop
2 Belt_Stop_Mirrored
6 cable_tie_insert
4* LR2 X mount
1 X2 plate
1 X2 idler
1 VacShoeBack
1 VacShoeFront
1 VacShoeTop
1 VacDuct
2 Y_Bottom
2 Y_Top
2* Lower Za
2* Lower Zb
2* YZ Roller
2* YZ Roller M
2* XZ Main
4 J_Spacer (F)
1* XZ_Side_Belt
1* XZ_Side_Belt_Mirrored
2* XZ
1* Hose Bracket
1* Hose Bracket Mirrored
1 LCD_Top_Clip (if you use my lcd and case)
*25mm specific parts have a 25 suffix.


The hardware sizes here are for using ¼″ & ½″ sheet material as recommended, Bolt/screw lengths sizes match this. If you are using thicker material add the extra thickness to the dimensions.

You should be able to go longer on all bolts screws with no issues.

QTY Hardware Equivalent
40 locknut 5/16 M8 nylock
4 BOLT 5/16 x 3.75 M8 x 95
8 BOLT 5/16 x 2.75 M8 x 70
4 BOLT 5/16 x 1.75 M8 x 45
24 BOLT 5/16 x 1.25 M8 x 30
40 LOCK NUT 6/32 M3.5 or M4
16 SCREW 6/32 x1.5 M3.5 or M4 x 40
24 SCREW 6/32 x1 M3.5 or M4 x 25
6 M5x30
24 M3x10

Cut Parts

¼″ for the router plate, ½″ for the sides, MDF or Baltic Birch. Bolt/screw lengths and sizes match this if you change thicknesses be mindful of this. You should be able to go longer on all bolts screws with no issues.

The part DXF files are saved and should be imported in millimeters, they can be found on, HERE 25.4mm OD, HERE 25mm OD.

QTY Name Thickness
1 611 plate 2 ¼“
2 Y plate (25) ½“

Spindle Options

Mounting different routers/spindles should just be a matter of changing the center assembly plate. Any thing that fits between the rails (100mm) could work with a little planning. The Dewalt 611 is nice for the price. A lot of us wish we bought the second base to go with it for ease of multi purpose use.

Looks like the DeWalt D26200 is the international equivalent (thanks Robbert). Other options would need to fit between the 100mm rails and mount flat (usually from the removable shoe).

Dewalt DWP611 Link
⅛” Collet Shop - Elaire Corp