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  • Set the middle assembly on the rollers.
  • Center the rails.

!gantry !gantry

  • Mount the Stepper using the M3 screws.
  • Pay attention to which way you want the wires to face.

!gantry !gantry !gantry

  • Best practice with the set screws is screw them all the way in to make sure the tapped hole is free of debris from the tapping operation and then back them back out before putting them on the shaft.
  • Mount the 16 tooth pulley on the shaft.
  • One set screw should be on the flat and tightened first if your steppers have it.
  • Snug them up.
  • The lip should just be a millimeter or 2 from the mount face.

!gantry !gantry !gantry

  • Fit the lock nuts in the rollers
  • Very lightly put in these screws. There is no reason to get these super tight, the rails are going nowhere and when you add the belt it only increases the tension.