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LowRider v3 Size Calculator

(The photo and drawing below are sized for a 48”x96” available cutting area.)

LR3 Fancy Picture

LR3 Dimensions Picture



Millimeter (mm)


LowRider v3

Usable Cutting Area

mm X
mm Y

XZ Plate Thickness

Printed Plates are 9.5mm (0.374”), Shop Aluminum plates are 6.35mm (0.25”).

mm XZ Plate

Size Calculator

Tube Lengths

Length (mm) Qty Name
2 X rails, also the strut plate width
1 Y rail (for looks you might want to match your table length)

Belt Dimensions

Length (mm) Qty Name
1 Belt length along X
2 Belt length along Y
total length belts (all 3)


Length (mm) Qty Name
3 Strut length (same as Tube Length)

Have a look at the SVG file linked above to see how many braces and hose holders you need.

Table Size

This output is the minimum table required. An extra 25-50mm (1”-2”) or more on each dimension is nice if you will be pushing it up against a wall or in a corner.

Length (mm) Name
X table size (width)
Y table size (length)