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MP3DP Version1

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MP3DP IMG_20160328_111500~3 IMG_20160829_152820

Milled Parts

Material should be under 7.2mm thick, thicker and you will need longer hardware and might lose some Y travel. All radii and holes are ⅛″ or larger, so use end mills ⅛″ or smaller.

Part Name QTY Description
Y-Plate 1 Bed plate
XY_Frame 2 (M)Front and Back
Y_Frame 2 (M)Sides
XZ_Frame 1 Main Piece

(M) Mirror one of these parts if you have a single sided material.

These .DXF’s are in millimeters.

Printed Parts

I used 20% infill and 3 perimeters for all parts, very forgiving. No support needed!

Name Qty Time
Bed Bearings 3
Y Block 1
Y Clip 4
Y Bearing 1
Y Mount 1
Brace 2
Upper L 1
Upper R 1
XZ End 1
X 1
XZ Motor 1
Z Mount L 1
Z Mount R 1
Corner A 2
Corner B 2
MK Fan 1
MK Mount 1
Total 18 Hours

.STL’s available here

4/27/2016- updated the mk extruder mount file, released to thingiverse


You can use any hardware/components you want, below are just suggestions. Affiliate links should help so I don’t have to put a description for each part.

Name QTY Description/Link
12v 30A & cord 1
Ramps 1.4 w/4 drivers 1 Shop
MK Extruder 1 Shop
Print Fan/Ramps fan ½ Shop
lm8uu 10 or Shop
Bearing 608 2 Shop
Glass 1 not needed with an MK3
MK2 Bed/thermistor 1 or mk3 Shop
springs 3 Shop
Coupler 5mm to 8mm 2 or Shop
leadscrew/nut 300mm 2 or Shop
Y-Rod 8x350mm 2 or Shop
Z_Rod 8x320mm 2 same as above
X_Rod 8x370mm 2 same as above
roller limit switch 3 Shop
NEMA 17 Stepper Motor 4 Or Shop
GT2_16 tooth 2 Shop
GT2 belt ~5ft Shop
Name QTY Description
*6-32 x 2.25 1 For Z end stop
*6-32 x 1 6 For bearings, bed, x end stop
*6-32 x .75 45
*6/32 Lock nut 50
M2.5 x 10 / cable ties 6 For end stops, I use small cable ties.
M3 x 10 16 For Steppers
Cable ties ~20 40lb

*#6 hardware can be metric equivalent M3.5

You will also need some extra wire for the power supply, end stops, and fans.



See firmware


No instructions for Version 1. Just look at these images to give you some help though.

!image !image !image !image !image !image !image !image