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The LowRider CNC


This is for an old version of the Low Rider. The current version is HERE

The LowRider CNC is my answer to you that want a full 4’x8′ sheet router, or of course you can go smaller. If the MPCNC is not big enough for you this picks up where that left off.


Size Calculator

This CNC router can handle any length, the Y direction is only bound by your table length.

Width (X direction) seems to be just about maxed out at a little over 4′ using .065″ thick stainless X rails. I see no reason to push it further if you try it out let us know how it goes and why you did it.

The Z direction (height) is best kept to a 3″ maximum for wood, with that being said, you can make the usable z length as much as you want you will be working from the bottom up, so go to town.

Feel free to round up to whole numbers.

Calculator for table, rail, and belt lengths.


The hardware sizes here are for using ¼″ sheet material, Bolt/screw lengths sizes match this. If you are using thicker material add the extra thickness to the dimensions and in some places twice the extra thickness.

You should be able to go longer on all bolts screws with no issues.

QTY Type
8 BOLT 5/16″ x 5 or M8 x 130
8 BOLT 5/16″ x 4 or M8 x 100
4 BOLT 5/16″ x 1.75 or M8 x 45
24 BOLT 5/16″ x 1.25 or M8 x 30
44 locknut 5/16″ or M8
16 SCREW 6/32″ x1 or M3.5 x 25
42 SCREW 6/32″ x .75 or M3.5 x 20
58 LOCK NUT 6/32″ or M3.5
4 Screw M3x25
4 Screw M3x20
16 Screw M3x10
12 3mm washer

Printed Parts

As always I prefer PLA, 3 walls, 30-55% infill. Dimensions are a little less critical than the MPCNC.

These parts only for 25.4mm OD tubing for now, I recommend .065″ wall thickness stainless steel.

The parts can be found on, HERE.

QTY Name
2 Yroller
1 Y 611
1 Y611M
1 y bracket
1 YMount Plate
2 YZ mount
2 cornerXM
2 cornerX
4 full Spacer
2 cornerZ
2 cornerZM
2 YmountLR
2 YIdlerBar
2 ZLeadNut
4 logo lock knob
4 logo lock knob sm
12 standoff
4 big standoff
2 YZ Roller
2 YZ Roller M
4 Z_RollerLR
4 y tension
4 Belt holder
2 Hose Support Alpha
1 Ramps14 base V1 (recommended)
1 lcd case + Clip (recommended)

Cut Parts

I used ¼″ MDF, Bolt/screw lengths sizes match this if you change thicknesses be mindful of this you should be able to go longer on all bolts screws with no issues, 611 plate would be nice in ⅜″ with countersunk screws.

The parts can be found on, HERE.

QTY Name
1 611 plate
2 xz plate
2 Y plate
2 Y plate cover

Spindle Options

Mounting different routers/spindles should just be a matter of changing the center assembly plate.

Dewalt DWP611 Link
Dewalt DNP615 Dust shoe? Link
⅛” Collet Shop - Elaire Corp


All quantities shown in the drawings are for each assembly, not total quantities.

Center Assembly

!pic !pic !pic !pic !pic

Z Assembly

!pic !pic !pic !pic

Side Assembly

!pic !pic !pic !pic !pic !pic !pic !pic !pic